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'A qualified Podiatrist?' 'Click here'

’30 years of expertise. No need for a leap of faith into the dark should you require the service of a qualified practitioner’.

A) How do you spot a qualified and experienced  practitioner?

1. Ask for the ‘Certificate of Insurance . Click the previous link

2. Asking for a reputable University Qualifications.

1. Ask to see a Certificate of Third Party Insurance -issued preferably in Spain-

“Somebody  turning  up in a white coat, looking vaguely as though he knows what he is doing, it is certainly  not enough”

Make sure  it is Validated by a Spanish issued reputable company. “No reputable Insurance Company dare to insure, in this field, a non-qualified Clinician.

“Being insured means that the insurance company has already checked before you have, whether –a medical practitioner- has been trained under a reputable body –University– and has been registered to work in Spain, and so, allowed to be insured”

Bear in mind that the most skilled and talented medical practitioner can make mistakes, and you may be obliged to sue for compensation and make certain that a successful claim could be met.

2. Asking for a reputable University Qualifications.

Ask for a –State Registration Certificate -Link-

Getting in touch, via internet, with the official governing body of concern, -Link- Colegio de Podólogos  (in spanish though); thus you can be confirmed that a named practitioner is suitably qualified for the treatment you are pursuing, and confirmed as well, whether the practitioner is registered to be allowed to work in Spain or not.


B) Having checked out the qualification bit; what about the degree of expertise?


When was the degree received?

– How long has she or he been actually practicing?

– An inexperience “Doc” could be something you are not after. 

– If a mechanic does not perform a good job in your car, okay last time I use him, and go to the next to fix it; if a medical clinician makes a mistake, you could be left in troubles.. “Better to be safe than sorry”, otherwise you could be regretting not to. 

– “The best source of referral is a happy patient. Check with others patients”

– “Always ask for your Service Invoice. This is the only document which proves that you were there, in case of any mishaps”